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Barrington - social responsibility in China

We are so proud to be partnering with Barrington almost a decade. Barrington's fine gifts are produced at the company's factory in Xiamen, China, where workers receive wages above the national average along with educational and health benefits. We believe work should be more than just a place to earn a living. Workers are encouraged to develop friendships with one another, provide support in times of personal crisis, and enjoy the company of one another's families. The philosophy of offering above market compensation, coupled with a culture of caring, fosters a passion for excellence within our workforce. Our people care about that they make: it's that simple. Barrington makes an effort to embrace and hire workers with disability, in line with our mission, to embrace communities in need and allow our business to advance their quality of life. We are dedicated to breaking the cycle of poverty that traps so many in developing countries.

You can rest assured that when you purchase a Barrington product, you are furthering a worthwhile cause.



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