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We are glad that you are visiting our website! 

From 2005 until now, our corporate vision and passion has remained the same, to create high quality, innovative gifts by working with the best manufacturers and using the finest materials from around the world.  

Over the years, we have had the awesome privilege of serving some of the finest companies in the world, including several of the top luxury watch and jewellery makers, real estate developers, international hotels and resorts, financial institutions, Fortune 500 companies and so on.  

Our strength is in thinking 'outside the box' so to speak.  We understand that our clients each have their own unique brand positioning and identity.  It is our role to help them stand out from their peers and create something that is truly original.

Last year, we were given a super complex brief to create an illuminated hourglass for a luxury watch maker.  We put our 'thinking caps' on, applied our extensive product knowledge and different manufacturing techniques, and the finished product was a beautiful V-shaped hourglass, sitting on top of a metal base, with a rechargeable LED light shining upwards illuminating the gold sand in the hourglass!  A truly one-of-a-kind designer piece.


With a discerning eye for quality and inspiration, we will keep striving towards our goal in bringing  you innovative quality gifts that you will enjoy using for years to come. 

If you want to produce a gift for some VIP clients or for a conference or event, our turnaround time is fast and our minimum is small, for our standard range items.  

Alternatively if you have a gift in mind that is proprietary in design, we would be happy to share our product knowledge with you.

You can contact us by email or phone +852 22536111.  We look forward to serving you.

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