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Good old days!?

Posted by Hiroshi Yoshioka The Times They Are A-Changin' .... During the past 2 years, I have been drawing a lot to capture my days. Today I decided to draw something different.

Old Days - Back in the ol' days (I am talking about 10 years ago!), we would work with just one factory to produce a gift item for our clients. I still recall my first ever project, providing 2000 electronic book lights for a US law firm. It was a very memorable project in so many ways.

Now - Nowadays, our projects aren't so straightforward anymore, perhaps because our product knowledge and experience have grown over the years and our clients demand better designs, higher quality & detailed craftsmanship. It has been a great privilege to journey with our clients, exploring new designs and products to help them differentiate and stand out from their competitors. Over the years, product development methods have changed dramatically and we have extensively applied 3D printing, CNC and other technologies to our work. Overall, the quality of Made-in-China products have improved however, I feel that it still lags behind European-made and Japanese-made products (yes, I am a little biased! :) ). I am grateful to our quality assurance team for their tireless effort in keeping each of our products at its highest quality standard.

That said, we are not where we are without the help of our partnering factories in China. We will continue to do what we love, designing innovative gifts and literally making them.... come to life! Thank you for taking time to read my blog! Blessings!


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